The Bible is the only inspired written Word of God;

There is only one God, existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who died  and rose again for the redemption of
the sins of all mankind, and anyone who believes in Him shall be saved;

The Holy Spirit lives within the believer and gives them power to live the
Christian life and share the love of Christ.  His presence in the believer is
evidenced by supernatural gifts;

Every believer should be baptized in water;

A believer is a child of God, and God intends for each of His children to
experience the abundant life that is available only in Christ Jesus
We Believe:
We exist to inform the people of Japan that God loves them and to help them
experience a loving relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ in fellowship
with His church; BY: exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit; sharing gospel literature; and,
supporting the body of Christ in Japan.
Daily spend quality time in prayer and reading the bible;

Walk in love at all times with everyone;

Have a heart to share Christ with non-christians;

Live in obedience to the bible; and,

Give praise to the Lord in all things
Core Values: whom I now
send you, to open
their eyes, in order
to turn them from
darkness to light,
and from the power
of Satan to God,
that they may
receive forgiveness
of sins and an
inheritance among
those who are
sanctified by faith in
Acts 26:17, 18
The Love of
Jesus for All